Congratulations to the WMT/WT6
this years NTC Qualified Teams!
Walleye Madness Tournaments and our Walleye Federation club WT6 offer MULTIPLE opportunities
to qualify for the Cabela’s NTC!

WT6 (Walleye Team Six) is the official affiliated club for WMT under the national walleye fishing organization The Walleye Federation.

This affiliation between WT6 and The Walleye Federation allows Walleye Madness Tournaments to provide qualifying opportunities for the Cabela’s National Team Championship.

When you join  WT6, you are becoming a member of The Walleye Federation. You will be eligible to qualify for the Cabela’s NTC and will be eligible for all TWF member benefits. Membership dues are $40 per person.

Membership in WT6 is optional and is not required to fish a Walleye Madness Tournaments event. However, you must be a WT6/TWF member to be eligible to qualify for the Cabela’s NTC.

  WMT & WT6 NTC Qualfying Opportunities:
  • WMT/TWF Cabela’s NTC Side Pots are open to all TWF members regardless of club affiliation. NTC Side Pots provide the opportunity to win a paid entry and bonuses to the Cabela’s NTC. Only 10 Teams Minimum Required! 


    • WMT/WT6 Special Events will offer additional NTC qualifying opportunities to its members! WT6 NTC Qualification is for WT6 members only. WT6 member teams will compete for an invitation to the NTC.

               Join by Phone: Call TWF at 580-765-2319.
Ask to join WT6 – Club # 6000031

Mail In Form Click Here

For more information about The Walleye Federation and the Cabela’s NTC please visit www.walleyefederation.com

To contact WT6, please email us at info@walleyeteamsix.com