Sign In & Boat Inspection/Safety Check – 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

All team members are required to sign waiver form and be ready for inspection by 2:30 pm. Any team member that fails to sign waiver will result in team disqualification. Boats must show proper working night lights before launching!

Send Off (Ooze Off) – 3:00 pm as determined by GPS

After launching, teams are to assemble in order according to their boat number near the send off boat which will be flying the American Flag. Hold up your boat board for others to see. The send off boat will call out the boat numbers via radio or megaphone. When your number is called out proceed past the send off boat at idle speed and continue to follow all boating regulations, i.e. no wake, speed limits etc. If you jump the order you must return to the end of the line. Teams missing from or late for the send off will be disqualified.  Note: Tournament officials performing essential tournament duties that are required to return prior to the 10:00 pm time check will be sent off at 2:45 pm.


ALL ANGLERS PRE-FISHING THE TOURNAMENT MUST BE OFF THE WATER BY 12PM SATURDAY or 12PM SUNDAY IF BLOW DAY IS USED.. FAILURE TO BE OFF THE WATER WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. All state and local regulations must be followed. Any violation of a state or local regulation will result in disqualification.  Contestants are limited to ONE LURE PER ROD – this means no “slider” or “3-way” tandem / triple lures or umbrella rigs. The official ruler will be “The Judge”.  Fish will be measured with the mouth closed and tail pinched. Presenting a fish under 15” for weigh-in will result in disqualification. Waters open to fishing will be the Ohio waters of Lake Erie. Teams will  be limited to 6 rods total. Competitors must not go ashore or come in contact with other boats during tournament fishing hours and until your fish have been weighed or your boat board turned in to tournament officials. Contact means physical touching or passing of equipment. This tournament will be closed to communication. All forms of communication are prohibited. You may monitor any channel while fishing but cannot transmit by radio, cell phone* or any other electronic equipment. Any type of transmission of information via any communicative device concerning any aspect of fishing is prohibited during the tournament. *Cell phone use parameters: Cell phones are for emergency use only, be it business, safety or family related. When an emergency call is received by any tournament angler, that angler must immediately call the listed tournament director (TD) notifying him of that call. The number for the TD is located on the back of all boat cards. If you know you may receive a call during tourney hours let the TD know ahead of time. If a competitor’s boat breaks down another competitor, other boater or towing service can assist with a tow. Any disabled boat must notify the listed tournament director (TD) by radio or phone. Fish must not be combined between teams. In the event of a breakdown all time check procedures will still apply.

Time Check – 10:00 pm as determined by GPS

The time check boat will be in place at 9:45 pm. Idle past the time check boat and show them your boat number. They will confirm that you are checked in by radio or hand signal. All boats must be off plane and past the time check boat by 10:00 pm. Time check boat will be located just inside the marina.  Teams arriving at the time check location early must wait for the time check boat to arrive. If you are not checked in by the time check boat you cannot weigh in.  Any team arriving late will not be allowed to weigh in.

Weigh In & Scoring The weigh in start time is 10:15 pm. Early weigh in is not available. 

Winners are determined by the weight of their 3 largest fish. You will weigh your big fish first & then you’re remaining fish to determine the total weight. The Big Fish Bonus winner will be determined by the weight of the single largest walleye. Only 1 fish per team is eligible for big fish. Teams must weigh in as soon as possible starting at 10:15 pm. Any unnecessary delay in doing so will result in a half weight penalty being assessed for the total weight and big fish weight.

Dead fish

There will be no dead fish penalty. Improperly cared for fish may be taken from the weigh basket and not weighed at the judgment of tournament officials. Any fish mauled, mashed, frozen, stringered, injected with water or other fluids, containing foreign matter to add weight or showing white gills, soft flesh or other signs of decomposition (as per a tournament official) will result in disqualification.


In the event of a tie, the payout for the tied position and the following position will be combined and split between the tied anglers.  Example: Two teams are tied for 3rd place. The 3rd and 4th place payouts are combined and split between these two teams. The next highest weight will be in 5th place etc. In the event of a tie for big fish the payout will be split between the anglers.

Participation and Eligibility

Field will be limited to 50 boats. Any participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by parent/guardian. Walleye Madness Tournaments, WT6 or the Tournament Director has right of entry refusal or expulsion from the tournament for any reason


Substitutes may be used but they must not be a member of another team and one of the original team members must be present.


Refunds will be issued if the tournament has to be cancelled and the team is unable to fish on the makeup date. For events that are not cancelled for weather there will be no refunds. There are no refunds for blow days. There are no refunds if you are disqualified for any reason.


Entrants must conduct themselves in a true sportsmanlike manner at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any rude or insulting type of behavior will be subject to disqualification or penalties enforced. Any team receiving a citation, for a violation in their boat, from any law enforcement agency on the day of the tournament will be disqualified for that tournament.

Boats and Equipment

All boat compartments and wells will be inspected prior to the start of that day of fishing. All boats must conform to the appropriate state, and USCG standards. Your boat must have all USCG safety equipment on board. All boats will have a USCG or BMA plate attached by the boat manufacturer and the horsepower rating will not be exceeded by any means. All boats must have liability insurance.


Safety must be observed at all times. All contestants must wear Coast Guard approved PFDs while the boat is moving above trolling speed. Each contestant is to follow all Coast Guard regulations. No Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances may be consumed or in possession by teams during fishing hours or in violation of state and local law.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather the tournament hours may be suspended, extended, cut short or boundaries put in place. A tournament may be rescheduled or canceled at the discretion of the tournament director. Saturday tournaments will have a blow day of the following Sunday. All decisions regarding severe weather are at the discretion of the Tournament Director(s). In the event of a thunderstorm, lightning, severe weather or any unsafe condition during an event, participants should remove themselves from the competition and seek safety or shelter until it is safe to continue fishing. Participants may not leave their boats during tournament hours except in case of emergency.

Spirit of the Rule

All rules have “loop holes. It is the intention of the Tournament Director(s) to provide a sportsman like tournament. All questions or problems are to be referred to the Tournament Director (s). They have sole jurisdiction in determining the application of the rules.

Rules and Rule Changes

These rules will remain unchanged unless otherwise duly notified. Interpretation of the rules will be to the discretion of the Tournament Director(s). The rules and the interpretations of them will be final and not open to protest.